What is it? Sketchnotes are visual notes created from a mix of drawings, handwriting, shapes and other visual elements.

Objectives: Sketchnotes are a note taking technique which allows people to visualise the concepts they are trying to understand or learn. It relies on the fact that connecting images with information helps clarify ideas, fosters creativity and innovation and even helps memory retention.

Resources needed: Pens, coulour pens, paper or notebook.

Time: Sketchnotes are created throughout a meeting, conference or event. The process takes the full duration of the activity, just like note taking.

Suggested number of participants: 1 person.

Example of practical application: You can use Sketchnotes at any event you are organising during the project implementation: kick-off meeting, focus group, projects meeting, multiplier events, etc. Sketchnotes are a creative and attractive note taking technique, which can be easily disseminated.

Steps to apply the method: Sketchnotes don’t require special drawing skills, but you need to have good listening skills and to be able to visually synthesise ideas by using writing and drawing. Here are some of the steps you can follow when Sketchnoting during events:

  • Research the event, the topic, the speakers before arriving onsite.
  • Prepare materials: pens, notebooks, etc.
  • Arrive early to find the best seat, with light and close to the front to hear and see the speakers better.
  • Create a title, if possible before the start of the event, thanks to the information you already collected.
  • Start sketchnoting when the event begins: the objective is to synthetise the ideas you are hearing.
  • Once back at home, scan your Sketchnotes and adjust the contrasts and errors. Your work is then ready to share!

Stage when to use this method:

  • Project implementation

Suggested tools:

  • Free downloadable Sketchnotes Guide and Workbook, to support you in learning the Sketchnotes technique.

Visual sample: Watch this video to learn about exercises you could try to get started with Sketchnotes: