Feedback Capture Matrix

What is it? The Feedback Capture Matrix can be used to collect users’ feedback. The matrix arranges thoughts and ideas into four categories for easy and quick assessment: notable points, constructive criticism, questions raised, and new ideas. The matrix can be filled in either by the person giving feedback or the one receiving it.

Objectives: The Feedback Capture Matrix facilitates real-time capture of feedback in a clear and organised way. The existence of a given template helps users clarify their thoughts and express their opinion.

Resources needed: The Feedback Capture Matrix can be used in virtual and f2f meetings, via a simple Flipchart or digital visualisation tools.

Time: On average, about 15 minutes are needed to use The Feedback Capture Matrix. However, the duration depends on how many participants give feedback.

Suggested number of participants: A minimum of 2 participants are required to use the Feedback Capture Matrix. Starting with two participants, the number of participants can be increased to any number you would like to involve.

Example of practical application: The Feedback Capture Matrix can be used while running or evaluating projects and is a way of organizing and summarizing feedback on output testing’s, project presentations or processes. You can use the method to collect ideas and to test project outputs in a short time frame. With the collected feedback you can e.g. start a brainstorming session on how to improve the development of project outputs.

Steps to apply the method:

The Feedback Capture Matrix can easily be applied using flipcharts or whiteboards. Consider the following:

  • Depending on the number of participants, plan between 15-40 minutes to fill in the matrix
  • Use in online meetings e.g., digital whiteboards of video conferencing tools, or the Miro Board
  • Prepare in f2f meetings in advance a flipchart with the four categories

Stage when to use this method:

  • Project Implementation
  • Project Evaluation

Suggested tools:

Visual sample: Follow this link to learn more about the Feedback Capture Matrix.