Evaluate your Project

Project evaluation is a project phase that is often overlooked or neglected. However, it is a vital part of any project to assess its results and find out whether what was envisioned at the beginning of the project could actually be achieved.

In this section, you can find ressources to help you during project evaluation. The materials include presentations about human centered design and design thinking, a selection of useful online courses, videos and other ressources. Use our learning fiches to get a quick overview over methods you can try out in your projects, or follow the links for additional information.

Learning Inputs

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    Why Do We Need Quality Management & Evaluation?

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    Human Centred Design: Project Evaluation

  • Creativity for Project Managers Meet Canice! Canice is an e-learning expert and the creative mind behind the Creative Change project. Canice can’t sing or paint or play an instrument, yet he is highly creative. Why? He will tell you in this video. Click the links to access Canice's recommendations Online courses [...]

Learning Fiches

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    Impact+ Workshop What is it? The IMPACT Plus workshop is a training program that is often held as part of Erasmus+ projects. The IMPACT Plus workshop is designed to help organizations develop skills and strategies to measure the impact of their activities and projects. Objectives: The workshop focuses on the development of [...]

  • Traffic Light Reporting What is it? The traffic light system is a widely used tool for project evaluation and quality management. It works by using red, yellow, and green indicators to represent the status of different aspects of a project. Objectives: Red indicates that an issue needs urgent attention, yellow means there [...]

  • Learning Snacks What is it? Learning Snacks is a messenger-style microlearning tool, using gamification features, which usually is applied in the educational context. Objectives: Learning Snacks are very useful for asynchronous communication. They are microlearning tools, that can be used to raise motivation and fun, therefore engaging your audience. Resources needed: Learning Snacks [...]

Tools and Methods

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    The Kaizen Approach Create continuous improvement with the Kaizen approach

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    Collaboration Tools A selection of collaborative tools for project management

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    Top Tips on Monday monday.com is an innovative project management an collaboration tool. Here are some tips on how to use it optimally. https://www.monday.com

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